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Saint Seiya is a mainstream anime series I love since the first italian release, in 1990. It's the story of a treason, a sacrifice and a fight for Athena, goddes of peace and justice -sic!! - (I must say out loud that the creator was just blessed having the core idea...). The movies will be on movie theaters tomorrow, but it has been released last July, 21 in Japan and East Asia. I must confess I'm a little bit worried about this movie's story, because the Sanctuary arc, the first chapter, has been rearranged in many ways (a male character is now a lady...), and because the translaters decided to use the italian names (they 'translate' character's names in early '90's, to make them more dishy and much more mythology referred).
Anyway, I think I'll see this movie. I saw Captain Harlock last January and it was gorgeous (even the story was a little bit meh). Cross fingers for me, ok?
I have some time to kill and for each of my nails I made a galaxy for the five main characters (I willingly ignored Saori); and because I've used a gazillion of products, let's this post started!

Drawing stars using dotting tool is not a good idea. It's difficult create a star-shape, and if you draw just a dot, is there possible that it appears as a dot at all. Or, at least, I see them just as dots floating in the space. I'm disappointed.
Anyway, I started using ORLY Matte Vinyl as base. I chose a matte nail polish because it gives more depth to my desing. It's like seeing deep space through a spaceship window.
Then, I gently dabbed some nail polishes over my black canvas. I think it's better to take a close look nail by nail.

The Phoenix is a southern constellation that leads Ikki (= blaze), the Shun's older brother and the most disenchanted character. Phoenix Ikki's cosmo has a red-orange shade. So I used Sinful Colors Boom Boom (magenta red), Sinful Colors Hazard (peachy orange), Sinful Colors Let's Meet (yellow shimmer), Maybelline Super Stay 861 Gold Emeralds (green/gold duochrome).

Cygnus is the constellation of winter. It's also called Nothern Cross, for its cross shape. Cygnus Hyoga (= iced isle, even if the author says it means 'disenchanted') has a white aura and his powers are ice related, so I gave a cold look to my nail. I randomly sponged ILNP Cygnus Loop (H) (ultra chrome holographic), Maybelline SuperStay 861 Gold Emeralds and Revlon Color Stay 180 Indigo Night (indigo crème) mixed with China Glaze White on White (sheer white).

Draco is a circumpolar constellation. I could easily find it between Ursa Minor and Ursa Major. Dragon has a small head and a very long tail (a dragon is a tail with an head, actually). In east mythology the dragon is the most powerful creature in the universe, but it's also a wiseman, like Shiryu (= violet dragon) do. And because Shiryu's colour is green (and purple too), I chosen Picture Polish Kryptonite (green jelly with holographics flecks), Maybelline SuperStay 861 Gold Emeralds, Sinful Colors Let's Meet and Revlon Color Stay 180 Indigo Night.

Pegasus is the winged horse born by the headed body of Medusa. It helped Perseus to rescue Andromeda and it's the constellation of the main character, Seiya (=starry arrow) a huge constellation, very similar to a rectangle, and you can see it glowing near the horizon line. Pegasus Seiya's aura is blue, so I assembled Revlon Color Stay 180 Indigo Night and Maybelline SuperStay 861 Gold Emeralds.

Andromeda constellation rests near Pegasus, Cassiopea, Cepheus and Perseus. She was a beautiful Ethiopian princess chained to a rock as a sacrifice for a sea monster. Flying over Pegasus, Perseus beheaded the monster and married the beautiful princess. Shun (=twinkle) is the Andromeda Saint and his aura is pink, like Andromeda Nebula I managed to recreate over my pinkie. I used Sinful Colors Boom Boom , Sinful Colors Hazard, Sinful Colors Let's Meet, ILNP Cygnus Loop (H), Maybelline Super Stay 861 Gold Emeralds.

For each nail I've used China Glaze White on White to have a milky way effect, and I drew the stars using KIKO 203 French Manicure (French Tips), but, as I've already said, it's not a good idea. I protect my galaxy with some layers of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails and essence nail art sealing top coat, because I used top coat to blend every color together.
And that's all, mates.

Is there a Saint Seiya's fan out of there? Do you going to see this movie in theaters? Raise up your arms, please. Or leave me your thoughts using the comment form below.
I hope you liked my silly galaxies as much I enjoyed doing them. Thank you for stopping by, and have a nice day!

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