6:06 PMFrancine S.
galaxy glamstripes guerrilla nails

Glamstripes - Galaxy

11:38 PMFrancine S.
[Frischlackiert Challenge] A-England blue

[Frischlackiert Challenge] #3 Mother's Day

11:44 AMFrancine S.
A-England featured gold

When Art Déco calling...

4:00 PMFrancine S.
[Frischlackiert Challenge] BornPrettyStore featured

[Frischlackiert Challenge] #1 The Power of the Flower

5:51 PMFrancine S.
featured galaxy Salon Perfect

In a pastel galaxy far, far away

7:21 PMFrancine S.
featured free handed galaxy

The Namesake Twinsie

5:56 PMFrancine S.
featured hiatus

see you (very) soon!

4:35 PMFrancine S.
[Dark Winter Songs] black crème

Dark Winter (Songs) #4 Electronic: The Man Machine

8:10 PMFrancine S.

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